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Deceived and Betrayed by the Father of Transparency
Fading Nation in Distress - Perceptions of an Average Joe
In Your Ear - A Tale of Telephone Terror

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Something is Rotten in America - Writings of a Sane Man in an Insane World

Deceived and Betrayed by the 

In a document titled, Transparency and Open Government Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies, Barack Obama said his administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government.

Now, after a little more than four years, he failed to produce as promised. My final thoughts on the way to my urn will be that I was on firm ground using the facetious moniker “Father of Transparency” to describe Barack Obama.

This book contains my perceptions of the performance of President Barack Hussein Obama II, along with numerous excerpts of media reports, with links to the full readings for furthering your research, most of which show we have a president not to be trusted. His actions show it is not his intention for the United States of America to continue with a government of, by and for the people living in the land of the free and home of the brave, no matter what he says.

The direction the United States moves today is shameful and will worsen if Obama and like-minded liberals succeed in their quest to grow, grow and grow costly government social programs.

When you complete reading this book, you will be convinced that he and his liberal ilk are succeeding.

Published July 1, 2013                           Expanded description and questions answered
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Fading Nation in Distress
Perceptions of an Average Joe

Some people will tell you this book of my perceptions is a disrespectful attack upon President, Barack Obama. Perhaps so as I make absolutely no attempt to hide my disrespect for Barack Obama’s performance - not the man but his performance - in his official capacity as a steward of our affairs.

This is a must-read book. It is my appeal to the American people to become fully engaged in deciding the future of the (still) great United States of America. Otherwise, we risk losing all that has contributed to our greatness.  In this book, you will read my critical thoughts and opinions about the restoring the United States to a  land of the free and home of the brave with a government of, by and for the people – the country President Lincoln envisioned in 1863.

This book addresses issues that have been prominent in the news - issues working Americans tend to forget while occupied with home, work and other responsibilities. Bringing these matters to the forefront in one book instead of in bits and pieces from different sources as they occur over long periods gives readers an opportunity to revisit forgotten issues and perhaps learn about issues for the first time. Reference to sources provided, along with further research, will help readers become sufficiently informed for making the right 2012 voting decision.

The general theme of this book - a book that presents President Obama and dyed-in-the-wool liberals as a group bent on transforming the United States of America from a country of capitalism to a country of communism - is the American voter's bubbling over apathy.

Our apathy led to sending Barack Obama - a man unknown outside Illinois and a man with a very thin resume - to the highest office in the land with nothing more to offer than a promise of fundamentally changing the way we live using the campaign slogan "Change We Can Believe In."

In this book, I also offer suggestions for tackling these ongoing issues needing attention:
  • Social Security,
  • Taxes,
  • Awarding pay to our Members of Congress based on voter polling data,
  • DNA at birth,
  • Jailing parents with their children,
  • Voter education,
  • Liberal media bias,
  • Sensible gun control,
  • Our justice system,
  • The TEA movement,
  • Unethical and immoral politicians,
  • Racism,
  • Government waste,
  • Whistleblowers and more.

The issues at hand are serious issues. They demand no-nonsense attention. November 6, 2012 is the day to show our commitment. My hope is that, for the good of the great United States of America, conservatives tell the fat lady to sing a song during the evening of November 6, 2012, a song telling President Obama and other liberals their destruction of our country is over.

Published March 13, 2012
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In Your Ear
A Tale of Telephone Terror

Lew Barry, a nationally known radio talk show host, news columnist and public speaker of inherited wealth visits the powerful Baxter Perry King at King‘s request.  Once there, he meets retired three-star U.S. Army General Fred Sparks, renowned for having brought down a terrorist leader who was the single greatest threat to the United States.

The three engage in a serious discussion relating to advance knowledge King and Sparks have about a group that will cause the most damaging act of terror ever thrust upon the United States.

Barry learns King has been hired by the U.S. government to capture the group. King, in turn, hires Sparks, who owns and operates a terrorist survival training school. Then Barry learns what the citizens do not yet know: a terrorist group known as IYE (In Your Ear) has effectively shut down a Cleveland call center by inflicting telephone operators with tinnitus during telephone calls.

Further, intense fear exists in high places that IYE will “infect” telephone lines throughout the country, causing the citizens to shy away from telephones. Knowing such a fear will bring the wheels of commerce to a crawl, King and Sparks solicit Barry to infiltrate the group by using his radio program as a vehicle. So Barry, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, looking for a return to the center stage of action and intrigue, accepts their offer.

But soon he has second thoughts as he becomes concerned with risking the safe and comfortable lifestyle he has established for himself and his family over the years.  Barry’s hesitancy is proven to be well-founded, as his rash decision soon thrusts him into more danger than he’d ever bargained for in this thrill-a-minute action/ adventure…where nothing is ever what it seems.

Published March 31, 2012
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Originally published in 2002 using author name Cody Jaycroft
Purchase Kindle edition $3.99, Paperback $14.62

Something is Rotten in America
Writings of a Sane Man in an Insane World

Release date planned for June 1, 2015.

Available at $3.99.

92 articles written during an approximate one-year period.


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