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A Work of Fiction Inspired by
Media Reports of the Life of Hillary Clinton

Wilma will again be available for purchase once the screenplay in progress is complete, planned for late 2022.  

No Joy in Mudville
Apathy Fuels a Nation 
Killing Trump
MSNBC and Others Roar With Vengeance

Letter to a Despicable and Depraved Woman
Hillary Clinton's Life of Deceit
The People's Choice for the
Lifetime Bum's Rush Award

Donald Trump
His First Three Years
Forward Ever Backward Never

Fire in the Belly

Donald's Trump's Ride into Washington on a White Horse

Something is Rotten in America

Writings of a Sane Man in an Insane World

Deceived and Betrayed

by the Father of Transparency

Fading Nation in Distress

Perceptions of an Average Joe

In Your Ear

A Tale of Telephone Terror


A Work of Fiction Inspired by
Media Reports of the Life of Hillary Clinton

Wilma Riser, an all-American girl born into a life of privilege, aspired to become the nation’s president.

On the way to the high office, Wilma was ridiculed relentlessly by the media and her senatorial peers. She endured being a victim of one lie after another. 

At the end of her single term in the United States Senate, Wilma Riser self-exiled, became Wilma Darkheart, and embarked on a mission to take a pound of flesh from those who wronged her. 

While the people accepted the story that Wilma Riser took her own life, Wilma Darkheart was alive living incognito as she planned and executed the most devasting series of attacks ever experienced by the citizens of the United States of America. 

And the ending? Well . . . .

Wilma will again be available for purchase once the screenplay in progress is complete, planned for late 2022.  



No Joy in Mudville
Apathy Fuels a Nation 

In August 2018, my wife and I relocated to Cotacachi, a small city in Ecuador, from our home near Concho, Arizona because of my belief and disgust that the United States of America is infested with costly liberal social programs. 

I foresee a time – sometime during the next fifty years if the Earth does not experience annihilation – when the USA will have lost much – perhaps all – of the prestige the people have enjoyed since 1776.

 As nothing lasts forever, the USA will give way to another country – a country that will become the world’s leader brought about by a penchant for complacency by the citizens of the United States.

 The people of the United States of America are to blame as they are responsible for sending the likes of those described herein to Washington to represent them. They do so without the faintest idea of the evil lurking within those “Honorable” servants.

 Why do I so say? The answer is easy to explain and with 100% accuracy: Too many people vote based only on family history, the candidate’s appearance and charisma, celebrity endorsements, liberal media reports and student attitudes formed by the liberal academia.

 Only with a no-nonsense midcourse correction, will residents of the USA feel the weight removed from their shoulders, whether they now feel or do not feel its presence.

 Otherwise, we will keep paying the cost of having ne’er-do-wells using Washington for their “land of opportunity” as have those described in this book.

 As you read this book, ask yourself if the events occurring in the mighty USA today will end as did mighty Casey’s eleventh hour at bat.

 There are clichés piled upon clichés analogous to the subtitle of this book: Apathy Fuels a Nation. I like this one best: The inmates are running the asylum.

 By doing nothing important with respect to the long-term survival of the United States, our apathetic majority determines the direction of the country by just that – doing nothing. Doing nothing opens the door for greedy, unscrupulous and downright despicable politicians to eat prime beef and drink wine while leaving only bread and water for the rest of us.

 For starters, many of these people do not vote. And many of those who do vote have absolutely no idea what happens after they leave the voting booth unless they lose some of life’s comforts they have been enjoying.

 For one example among many, losing a job can put an entire family in dire straits. With maxed-out credit cards and no savings or replacement income, the flashy car and the impressive motorcycle gathering dust are no longer the envy of the neighborhood. Dad stops his weekend golf activity; mom avoids the women in her circle and the kids go without life’s necessities such as good-fitting shoes.

 With the will to do so, the people can correct the ills of the USA. Instead of living the “hey look at me” and the “it’s all about me” attitudes, living the mindset John Kennedy encouraged back in 1961, nearly sixty years ago: Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country will work wonders.

 Some will say something like: I voted, let God do the heavy lifting. This notion – a notion I dismiss out of hand – does not work. If it were effective, people who pay attention to current events would not wear facial expressions of gloom.

 In my mind, the most important ills facing our country today could have been avoided if the apathetic majority had proactively “taken care of their backyard.”

 We have enjoyed life by marching to our personal drummers for years. Now, it is over. We the people – today’s living as well as the unborn – will be paying the piper for the duration.

The apathetic majority has, by doing nothing, allowed:

 The U.S. Congress to be filled with some – not just some but many – of the most greedy human specimens imaginable.

 Costly legislation detrimental to the pocketbooks of taxpaying citizens.

 A voting system that is difficult to manage and one that is ripe for fraud.

 A despicable and costly honor system source of government revenue.

The county to freefall into socialism.


Killing Trump:
MSNBC CNN and Others Roar With Vengeance

A typical ploy of the biased liberal media:
Any mischaracterization of information to change public opinion for any reason is fair game.

Following his practice of not suffering fools without awarding consequences, the author has arranged for these top executives – executives who allow and likely encourage on-air personalities to inflame viewers by badmouthing President Trump – to receive the first four copies of the paperback version of this book:

Bryan Roberts Comcast

Phil Griffin MSNBC
Jason Kilar Warner Media
Jeff Zucker CNN

A Message from the Author

Their badmouthing President Donald John Trump nonstop day after day strongly suggests MSNBC and CNN, along with others, have a mission of killing Donald Trump, metaphorically speaking, as a way of ending his presidency.

Each know that keeping Donald Trump controversies the focal point of their attention generates a high rate of return on each dollar invested, known as, in business terminology, increasing shareholder value.

MSNBC and CNN on-air opinion personalities make zero effort to hide their hatred for Mr. Trump’s presence in the Oval Office. The same can be said for many writers whose works appear in biased liberal print publications.

Talk about schadenfreude!

In this book, after much research and with much thought, I give my opinions of MSNBC and CNN on-air personalities, as well as their biased liberal print counterparts, pursuing their management’s goals of not only driving Trump from the presidency but, also, of transforming the United States into a country infested with liberalism. I have also offered my opinions of academia and other Trump critics, including the most vocal of celebrities.


Letter to a Despicable and Depraved Woman

Hillary Clinton's Life of Deceit
The People's Choice for the
Lifetime Bum's Rush Award

Written in the form of a letter from the author to Hillary Clinton, this book exposes her as an unethical person who believes the presidency of the United States should be hers for the asking.

As a 2008 and 2016 candidate for the Oval Office, voters dashed Clinton’s hopes each time. The first time around, Clinton, our savior (in her mind only), lost to little-known, and untested by virtue of his U.S. Senate voting record, Barack Obama who became our 44th president. In 2016, Donald Trump, a man never elected to serve the public, was victorious and became our 45th president.

How could a person who had been in the national spotlight as the first lady of the United States, a U.S. senator and as our secretary of state lose a high profile election to one man with few known political achievements and another man with none?

Because she is a woman, you ask? Not a chance. A man with a similar history would have been kicked to the curb as well. Further, the people will elect a woman when they believe the right one has presented herself. Gender will not matter just as religion (John Kennedy – Catholic), divorce (Ronald Reagan) and race (Barack Obama – African American) did not prevent these men from becoming the first president in these categories.

Her publicly known scandals occurring before and during the time her husband Bill (Slick Willie) Clinton served the people of Arkansas as their attorney general and later as their governor and then the people of the United States as their president preceded other scandals, those most notably during her time as our secretary of state during the Obama administration.

The author goes beyond the seemingly endless favorable reports about Clinton spewed by the biased liberal media and, after researching other writings, brings to the reader’s attention whether biblical prophesies point to Clinton, whether she is a believer in occultism, her role in the Clinton body count murders and on and on.

Does the author believe everything he reads and hears about Hillary Clinton? No, not everything but he does believe that enough American voters believe enough of the stories and that the cumulative effect of the resulting rumors brought down both of Hillary Clinton’s runs for the presidency.

Further, the author believes all these facets of Hillary Clinton’s life affect her persona in a way that causes her to come across to voters as a shady character.

Donald Trump
His First Three Years
Forward Ever Backward Never

As you read this pro-Trump book, a book that addresses the domestic forces working against President Donald John Trump and, therefore, the American way of life, you will gain a good understanding of his many successes since becoming our president and of his battles with anyone and everyone rattling his cage.

I have known for years something isn’t right about the United States of America but didn’t know why I so thought.

As the matter wore more and more on my mind, I embarked on a research project for the purpose of better understanding the country where I lived during the eighty years since my birth.

Along the way, I documented and published my findings in four books with this book being the fifth.

This writing came about because my six years of research has convinced me the people of the United States of America, including our elected officials, are manipulated by the biased liberal media.

Further, I am firm in my belief the biased liberal media is motivated by one goal only, the goal of infesting the country with full-blown liberalism leading to an American form of socialism.

As the reader, you will better understand how the biased liberal media works in an effort to convert conservatives to liberals and, in the process, has brutally and continuously attacked Donald Trump without mercy since the day he announced his candidacy for the high office of President of the United States of America.

As with nearly everyone else, I do not know firsthand what goes on behind the scenes. My knowledge is limited to what I read and hear via television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books and acquaintances. Therefore, I cannot attest to the accuracy of the numerous quotations herein – quotations which support my perceptions, speculations and opinions.

The biased liberal media has been out to destroy Donald Trump and his presidency from the beginning by tainting the minds of the people. In doing so, the biased liberal media has insulted the very people who gave the man a large electoral victory.

While the biased liberal media plies its attempts at sabotage, President Trump has done an admiral job for the people, not just for those who put him in the Oval Office but for those who didn’t vote for him, including television’s blond babes and pretty boys along with other dunderheads of the biased liberal media.

During his years as a very successful businessman, Donald Trump has learned very well how to focus on achieving goals by separating the wheat from the chaff.

Trump is much like Timex spokesman John Cameron Swayze’s description of Timex watches via television a half century earlier: It takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Paraphrasing Mr. Swayze, Donald Trump takes a licking and keeps on ticking as well.

Donald John Trump’s vision for the United States is truly one of making America great again. It’s a FORWARD EVER BACKWARD NEVER vision.

Fire in the Belly
Donald's Trump's Ride into Washington on a White Horse 

Fire in the Belly - Donald Trump's Ride into Washington on a White Horse describes President Trump's rocky road to becoming our 45th president.

Presented are President Trump's positions on the issues as well as his bombastic style, his battles with the media and the Republican Party plus his harsh verbal attacks directed to anyone and everyone who rattles his cage.

The author, who supports Trump 100%, explains why Trump is the right man for the Oval Office and why he believes Trump's positions on the various issues troubling the citizens of the United States are spot-on.

Specific topics addressed include:

Trump berating Megyn Kelly
Trump attacking Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio
Trump’s job fitness and possible conflicts of interest
The pledge of party loyalty
How polls helped Trump win the presidency
The trashing of Trump’s Wife
Phony claims about Trumps war on women
Repealing Obamacare
Climate change
Gun control
Gun control
Minimum wage – A government mandated handicap
Reforming the Internal Revenue Service
Illegal immigrants
Sanctuary cities
The border wall
Trump’s cabinet
The United States Supreme Court
Foreign policy/terrorism
The biased liberal media
Barack Obama, saboteur
Protesting Trump
Electoral College - The Democrats new crusade

At the end of the book, the author presents a scathing opinion titled: Why Hillary (liar liar pantsuit on fire) Clinton lost the election. 

Also, at the end of the book are more than 600 links to relevant sources, about 200 of which are referenced in the body of Fire in the Belly – Donald Trump’s Ride into Washington on a White Horse.

Something is Rotten in America
Writings of a Sane Man in an Insane World

Beyond any doubt, the United States is a nation with problems - problems leading us down the undesirable path taken by former great countries and in a direction I find very hard to accept.

Few people were more disappointed than I was after the 2008 election to learn the people elected Barack Obama to become the 44th United Sates president.
My displeasure prompted me to write and post 92 blog articles during a one-year period, (now removed) expressing my disagreements with the Obama administration and our Congress.

This book is an edited compilation of those articles.

It might appear to readers that I have hatred toward President Obama.  Not true but I do have an extreme dislike for his ideology.

Readers will find numerous excerpts and quotes (appearing in red letters) with links to credible sources. Please read the articles associated with these links in their entirety for an understanding of their full meaning as, admittedly, I have biases.

When following links to Wikipedia entries, readers should refer to sources noted in the associated supporting references.

Deceived and Betrayed by the 

This book exposes Barack Obama, a man who deceived the people to get elected to the highest elective office in the United States by promising complete transparency once in the Oval Office and then betrayed the people with his efforts to replace the time-honored American way of life with American Socialism.

Obama worked to fulfilll his declaration to fundamentally transform the United States of America and did so with numerous lies and scandals along the way.

After reading this book readers will understand the true Obama.
In a document titledTransparency and Open Government Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies, Barack Obama said his administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government.

Now, after a little more than four years, he failed to produce as promised. My final thoughts on the way to my urn will be that I was on firm ground using the facetious moniker “Father of Transparency” to describe Barack Obama.

This book contains my perceptions of the performance of President Barack Hussein Obama II, along with numerous excerpts of media reports, with links to the full readings for furthering your research, most of which show we have a president not to be trusted. His actions show it is not his intention for the United States of America to continue with a government of, by and for the people living in the land of the free and home of the brave, no matter what he says.

The direction the United States moves today is shameful and will worsen if Obama and like-minded liberals succeed in their quest to grow, grow and grow costly government social programs.

When you complete reading this book, you will be convinced that he and his liberal ilk are succeeding.

Questions answered in this book:

How much money does the United States Postal Service lose each day?

Why did the estimated cost of President Obama’s one week trip to Africa beginning in June, 2013 climb to $100 million?

Who did the Obama administration falsely accused of causing the Benghazi murders?

Which of Obama’s programs does the author refer to as Obama’s Edsel?

Why does the author believe Obama is an anti-American president?

Why does the author refer to Obama as a ceremonial president?

What was the subject of Obama’s pledge – a pledge he broke early in his presidency – to the people during his 2008 campaign?

How much has Obama increased the national debt during his presidency?

How much is each citizen’s share of the national debt?

How many Pinocchios did the Washington Post fact checker award Obama for his incorrect comment about the pay of Capitol Hill janitors?

What did Obama tell Dmitry Medvedev about the November 2012 election?

What conservative radio personality said Obama is getting everything he wants?

What country with a president/dictator controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood did Obama promise 20 brand new F-16 fighter jets in 2010?

What was Obama’s one-term proposition comment about?

How many scandals does Keith Koffler attribute to the Obama administration?

Who said Obama may look like a wuss over Syria?

What television news personality says Obama doesn’t like dealing with politicians?

Who said: But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy?

What country song does the author associate with President Obama?

A jury found that fraud put the names of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the 2008 presidential primary ballot in what state?

When did Obama play it cool and do the greatest good for the greatest number?

What is the al-Qaida connection with respect to the Benghazi attack?

What unenviable situation does Obama share with Eisenhower, Nixon, Clinton and G.W. Bush?

How does Peggy Noonan describe the liberal’s view of Obama?

What is a pejorative term attached to people claiming Obama was not born in the United States?

What are some reasons the media lavishes praise on Obama?

What has Obama said that demonstrates he lacks business acumen?

How are Obama and James Bond Stockdale alike?

If Hillary Clinton runs for the presidency in 2016, will the media give her a pass as it did with Obama?

What is the name of the person who authorized our government to develop and store what should be private information about any and all of us whether we are or are not suspected of engaging in illegal activity?

Why is it said Obama is in the doldrums and the presidency in a dead zone?

Fading Nation in Distress
Perceptions of an Average Joe

Some people will tell you this book of my perceptions is a disrespectful attack upon President, Barack Obama. Perhaps so as I make absolutely no attempt to hide my disrespect for Barack Obama’s performance - not the man but his performance - in his official capacity as a steward of our affairs.

This is a must-read book. It is my appeal to the American people to become fully engaged in deciding the future of the (still) great United States of America. Otherwise, we risk losing all that has contributed to our greatness.  

In this book, you will read my critical thoughts and opinions about the restoring the United States to a  land of the free and home of the brave with a government of, by and for the people – the country President Lincoln envisioned in 1863.

This book addresses issues that have been prominent in the news - issues working Americans tend to forget while occupied with home, work and other responsibilities. Bringing these matters to the forefront in one book instead of in bits and pieces from different sources as they occur over long periods gives readers an opportunity to revisit forgotten issues and perhaps learn about issues for the first time. Reference to sources provided, along with further research, will help readers become sufficiently informed for making the right 2012 voting decision.

The general theme of this book - a book that presents President Obama and dyed-in-the-wool liberals as a group bent on transforming the United States of America from a country of capitalism to a country of communism - is the American voter's bubbling over apathy.

Our apathy led to sending Barack Obama - a man unknown outside Illinois and a man with a very thin resume - to the highest office in the land with nothing more to offer than a promise of fundamentally changing the way we live using the campaign slogan "Change We Can Believe In."

In this book, I also offer suggestions for tackling these ongoing issues needing attention:

Social Security,


Awarding pay to our Members of Congress based on voter polling data,

DNA at birth,

Jailing parents with their children,

Voter education,

Liberal media bias,

Sensible gun control,

Our justice system,

The TEA movement,

Unethical and immoral politicians,


Government waste,

Whistleblowers and more.

The issues at hand are serious issues. They demand no-nonsense attention. November 6, 2012 is the day to show our commitment. My hope is that, for the good of the great United States of America, conservatives tell the fat lady to sing a song during the evening of November 6, 2012, a song telling President Obama and other liberals their destruction of our country is over.

In Your Ear
A Tale of Telephone Terror

Lew Barry, a nationally known radio talk show host, news columnist and public speaker of inherited wealth visits the powerful Baxter Perry King at King‘s request.  Once there, he meets retired three-star U.S. Army General Fred Sparks, renowned for having brought down a terrorist leader who was the single greatest threat to the United States.

The three engage in a serious discussion relating to advance knowledge King and Sparks have about a group that will cause the most damaging act of terror ever thrust upon the United States.

Barry learns King has been hired by the U.S. government to capture the group. King, in turn, hires Sparks, who owns and operates a terrorist survival training school. 

Then Barry learns what the citizens do not yet know: a terrorist group known as IYE (In Your Ear) has effectively shut down a Cleveland call center by inflicting telephone operators with tinnitus during telephone calls.

Further, intense fear exists in high places that IYE will “infect” telephone lines throughout the country, causing the citizens to shy away from telephones. Knowing such a fear will bring the wheels of commerce to a crawl, King and Sparks solicit Barry to infiltrate the group by using his radio program as a vehicle. So Barry, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, looking for a return to the center stage of action and intrigue, accepts their offer.

But soon he has second thoughts as he becomes concerned with risking the safe and comfortable lifestyle he has established for himself and his family over the years.  

Barry’s hesitancy is proven to be well-founded, as his rash decision soon thrusts him into more danger than he’d ever bargained for in this thrill-a-minute action/ adventure…where nothing is ever what it seems.

Originally published in 2002 using author name Cody Jaycroft