Stopping Voter Fraud

 January 16, 2023


With each election, we are conditioned to expect numerous reports of voting fraud occurring at the polls, via mail-in ballots, and by absentee voting.

Numerous articles cite the seemingly millions of methods (an exaggeration of course) of election fraud. Judging by those articles, one can assume election fraud is here to stay for the duration of time.

Perhaps so, but why? Even though there are reports of electronic voting fraud, it seems to me that online voting is the way to go. Back in the day, I worked as a computer programmer and later as a Certified Fraud Examiner and a Certified Information Systems Auditor. Those experiences convince me that a secure online voting system is a viable solution – not a pipe dream and not a mistake.

And think about this. Online voting would eliminate the aggravation and costs associated with in-person voting, early voting, absentee ballots and voting by mail. Every voter with internet access could wait until the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November (the established general election voting day) no matter where on earth they are located and no matter what bad things are happening outside the home. We would avoid such nasty things as bad weather, street violence and on and on. 

I can hear naysayers throw expletives at me for my belief that online voting is the way to go no matter the number of built-in safeguards. 
Or it could be the naysayers earn their living by (continuously) “improving” the system. Reckon? Planned job security, like planned obsolescence, is not a novel idea. 

Anyway, I think most voters would like to cast their votes while lounging around wearing pajamas.

Put ten or so of the country's best IT minds to work making a user friendly computerized online voting system with speed , efficiency, and security.
Give voters a choice of voting via the current methods or online voting.