Liberal Media Poisons USA

February 7, 2023

The United States is on its way now even though few people living the elusive “American Dream” understand what is coming as they are too busy putting up with all the pesky things of life such as paying bills and earning enough money for sustaining the freeloaders.We are now living in a state of American Socialism – the churning out of everything for everybody paid by the gainfully employed.

Daryl L. Hunter explains American Socialism very well:

The intellectual aspect of American Socialism is what makes the Democrat Party's position so popular with pseudo intellectuals, celebrities, and nouveaux riche, it's empathetic, politically correct, and doesn't take much thought because the ivory tower guys have done the thinking for them. 89% of our journalists sucked this Democrat Socialist Ideal up like mothers [sic] milk in college resulting in retarding their instinct for objectivity, hence, our biased media. 

Our Hollywood celebrities gravitate to this Democrat dogma in their incessant quest for popularity and political correctness, hence, the popular culture endorsement.

Largely lower income Americans have endorsed American Socialism, albeit not by name. Not attributable to their political analysis, but because they're the major beneficiaries of these empathetic social (ism) program safety nets. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the biased liberal media manipulates us as if we were the proverbial frog in boiling water.

The Plight of the Captive Frog
Many conservatives are unknowingly a captive frog courtesy of the biased liberal media.

Like a cook preparing his frog for a meal of frog legs, the liberals have put us in their special kind of pot filled with cool water. Instead of turning up the heat as does the cook, the liberals begin a mild rant with gradual increasing fervor. In time, two things happen:

  • The frog, not realizing that slowly increasing the temperature of the water would kill him, dies.
  • Conservatives risk losing their conservative values without fully understanding the reasons.

We the people, whether liberal or conservative, are in a daily process of value-conditioning. As a society, we in the United States have been conditioned since 1950 to accept integration, homosexuality, women serving in combat and the evils of tobacco usage among other issues, for the good of the people. 

However, not all value-conditioning is good for the people. Advocacy groups, liberal media outlets, liberal professors, and liberal celebrities have the potential to change our attitudes for the sole purpose of tearing the fabric of the land of the free and the home of the brave. 

Independent-thinking people – people genuinely concerned about making America great again – do their own vetting of candidates. But, others … Well, let Nikita Khrushchev and John Hawkins tell you the downside of our apathy. 

We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism, until they suddenly awake to find they have communism. 

Attributed to Nikita Khrushchev


 John Hawkins is correct. These excerpts from his September 10, 2016 article titled How to Destroy America From Within tell us:

 • Once you control Hollywood, music and the schools, you have a direct pipeline to the brains of the young Americans who will one day run the country.

 • The key to keeping it on that road is capturing a political party that consistently appeals to people’s worst natures.

• No nation ever benefitted from having a large and growing class of parasites leeching off the most productive citizens and not even a nation as rich as America can bear it for long.

 •The thing that ties all of this together is a corrupt media that can largely control what news the population sees and focuses on.

• All that really needs to be done is to focus the people on trivia, celebrities and the flaws of those who mean well while the great crimes of the most corrupt are ignored or treated as trivial.

• When the people are obsessed with minutiae while the country is coming apart at the seams, the media has done their job well. 

How To Destroy America From Within
RIGHTWING NEWS     John Hawkins     September 10, 2016

Sounds like the biased liberal media to me.

Achieving all this is not difficult for the biased liberal media with the tools available.
The Tools
Drivers and Enablers


While poisoning the minds of our citizens, greed and competition drive the biased liberal media to spew misinformation and disinformation.

Greed, the unhealthy desire for money, is the root of all evil. People who sustain a long-term push for power, influence and all the wealth they can muster by hook or crook enjoy the appearance of success that comes along. It is the hey-look-at-me thing.

There is not much better in life than proving one has what it takes to come in at number one. We know this just by observing those around us and by following sports among other factors. The desire for a healthy number one ranking is a good thing. Rules, regulations and an individual’s conscience keep most people in check. But not the unscrupulous among us.

The biased liberal media are consumed and addicted by both greed and outdoing competition in all measurable areas, primarily ratings and revenue. As a result, they toss fair play out the window.

Deceit and outright lies follow. We expect advertisers to practice the art of deception. We are conditioned to accept their deception. Deception sells everything imaginable. We learn shortly after getting our driver’s license at age 16 and buy our first car – typically a used car – it is best never to believe everything coming from a car salesman’s mouth. In time, most of us learn it is smart never to believe any salesman at first blush.

Product packaging is full of deceit too. For example, if the phrase, “Dermatologist Tested” appears on the container of a popular skin conditioner, so what? Is the lotion effective? Maybe true but maybe not true. The phrase, however, convinces users the lotion is effective because a doctor tested the product even though the associated findings are not disclosed on the package.

And, we have CNN that once boasted it is the most trusted name in news. Not true. Never was. Its current president of about one year, Chris Licht, acknowledge as much:

CNN Chairman and CEO Chris Licht concedes his network’s reputation as “the most trusted name in news” has “eroded” and it’s one of his missions “to restore trust.” In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Licht declined to talk about why CNN had lost trust, but that “we certainly have research that shows that it has eroded.

CNN Boss Chris Licht: We Have To ‘Restore Our Reputation
As The Most Trusted Name In News’ 
Forbes       Mark Joyella       January 30, 2023

Nobody knows how many inaccurate, or even nonexistent news reports, make it to living rooms with audiences believing every word they hear.

Think for a minute about Brian Williams, once a top-rated NBC news anchor. Williams learned the importance of full and honest disclosure. NBC pushed him down a notch by repositioning him to MSNBC for fabricating a story about himself. It must have been embarrassing to Williams, a move most of us would call a big-time demotion. 

Brian Williams lied about his copter being shot, forced down in Iraq
FOXNEWS      Howard Kurtz 



The biased liberal media alter people’s attitudes by: Using the people. Pushing distractions. Using anonymous sources. Soliciting and accepting leaks. Taking unfair advantage of the freedom and protection afforded by Amendment 1 of the U.S. Constitution. 

The People
A society bloated with members content with not voting for its leaders and with members ignoring current events is doomed when the media is hell-bent on acquiring wealth and undermining competition. The biased liberal media adores people who bubble over with apathy as they are the most gullible and the most vulnerable of all people to media misinformation and disinformation.

The biased liberal media harp about all the distractions caused, they say, by the Trump people. I suggest they created distractions by reporting and discussing trivial matters of no importance in its efforts to marginalize Trump in the eyes of us fine Americans. The biased liberal media seldom mentioned President Trump’s accomplishments and merely glosses over them when it does.

Anonymous Sources
The biased liberal media frequently use unnamed sources for information. Nothing wrong with unnamed sources when used in good faith. Otherwise, the media would lack the ability to report sensitive information because many people would clam up for fear of reprisal once they become known as whistleblowers.

I learned during forty-five-years in the business environment most whistleblowers whose names are known do not win wars. The best whistleblowers can hope for is winning the battle. After the battle is won, the whistleblower’s next project is pounding the pavement looking for green pastures.

In June 2017, we learned from The Intercept three CNN journalists resigned after reporting a story based on a single anonymous source. CNN could not verify its accuracy and was forced to retract the story, a story that linked a Trump associate to a Russian investment fund. 

Other inaccuracies committed by different news outlets are addressed in the same article published by The Intercept. Learning of them will blow your mind. 

And, again from the same article: … 

there is the fact that the vast majority of reporting about Russia, as well as Trump’s alleged ties to the Kremlin, has been based exclusively on evidence-free assertions of anonymous officials, many, if not most, of whom have concealed agendas. That means that they are free to issue completely false claims without the slightest concern of repercussions. 

Good advice: Beware of stories claiming anonymous sources. View them with skepticism.

Leaks are the coward’s way of undermining the enemy, often the coward’s enemy is the coward’s employer. The biased liberal media thrive when combining leaks with the use of anonymous sources. Leakers are cut from the same cloth as are police informants and jailhouse snitches. All use their respective recipients of information to their advantage.

Leakers have their own reasons for supplying information. Reasons are typically for revenge, expecting something in return, getting in good with recipients and boosting their own egos. None admit publicly that money is exchanged but we are naïve to believe it is not exchanged. A few dollars greasing the leaker’s palm also greases the leaker’s tongue. It is the quid pro quo thing in action.

Many of the early leaks within the Trump Administration likely came from the holdovers of the Obama Days. Others from disgruntled people within the Trump Administration.

Amendment 1 -U.S. Constitution Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression Ratified 12/15/1791

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Amendment 1 of the Constitution of the United States of America is written as straightforward as one can imagine. It is a powerful tool for the press.

When I read Amendment 1, I think the framers believed the press would report in good faith. They could not have known we would become a state with a biased liberal media dedicated to poisoning America.

The press is meant to be a check on our government in addition to informing the people of government actions, both good and bad actions, not speculating in a disingenuous way about what-ifs as do the MSNBC and CNN on-air personalities and their guests, also known as contributors – who contribute nothing of value by the way.

When considering an AP report of a study of attitudes toward the press, one can easily believe many journalists are skilled at using these tools.

A Study of Attitudes 
According to an AP, a study of attitudes toward the press conducted by Knight Foundation and Gallup:

• The study found 73% of Americans feel that too much bias in news reports is a major problem, up from 65% two years ago.

• The study found that 71% of Republicans have a “very” or “somewhat” unfavorable opinion of the news media, while 22% of Democrats feel the same way.

• Who is to blame for the nation’s political divide? Well, 48% of those questioned says the media bears a great deal of the responsibility.

• When there were inaccuracies in articles, 54% of Americans said they believed reporters misrepresented facts, while 28% said reporters were making things up in their entirety.

Is this study accurate? Is it itself free of bias? Maybe yes, maybe no. Presumably, only the Knight Foundation and Gallup know with certainty. One thing, however, is certain: perceptions, not facts, carry the day.
Make no mistake! The biased liberal media is all around. Followers of political matters know about broadcast giants MSNBC and CNN. They know about The New York Times and the Washington Post, giants in the print media, as well. Others, in both broadcast and print media, are out there across the fruited plain too. Biased liberal media managements take comfort in knowing large numbers of viewers and readers do not know the difference between pseudo journalists, real journalists and people expressing opinions.
Those consumers of information often believe if they hear or read something it must be complete and accurate. Then, when these “knowledgeable” consumers of information tell their acquaintances, rumors spread with disinformation galore. I have seen it happen time after time.
Tim Graham and Bari Weiss provide validity for my assertion.
Tim Graham 
In an opinion article, Tim Graham, Executive Editor of, begins with this statement:
If you think this sort of collusion isn't happening right now between Biden's aides and the journalists who want Trump bounced from office, then you're dreaming.

After providing several examples, Mr. Graham ends with this:
This is how reporters are exploited by anonymous "senior administration officials" to set the table for Democrats, whether they are in power or not. 
His examples reinforce the belief many of us hold – the belief that subjects, not journalists – “write” the articles we the people are expected to regard as objective. It is a matter of “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.” 
Bari Weiss 
In her resignation letter, Ms. Weiss pretty much supports the opinion of many conservatives (although more eloquently) that The New York Times should change management personnel for the same reason parents change baby diapers. 
Saying that “Twitter has become its ultimate editor,” New York Times columnist and editor Bari Weiss resigned yesterday with a scathing letter to the paper.
She makes the point we conservatives have known all along:
Stories are chosen and told in a way to satisfy the narrowest of audiences, rather than to allow a curious public to read about the world and then draw their own conclusions. I was always taught that journalists were charged with writing the first rough draft of history. Now, history itself is one more ephemeral thing molded to fit the needs of a predetermined narrative.
  Right she is. 
And, no astute person who studies current events will dispute Newt Gingrich’s assertion that the media is largely a propaganda machine for the left: 
Look, 90-something percent of the media is a propaganda machine for the left. They don't want to hurt Biden – they’re so desperate to beat Trump. The news media’s No. 1 goal is to beat Trump.
The Media Research Center (MRC) tells us much more about liberal journalists than we need to know to accept Gingrich’s claim as legitimate.
Some key points from the report’s executive summary: 
Journalists Vote for Liberals: Between 1964 and 1992, Republicans won the White House five times compared with three Democratic victories. But if only journalists’ ballots were counted, the Democrats would have won every time.
Journalists Say They Are Liberal: Surveys from 1978 to 2004 show that journalists are far more likely to say they are liberal than conservative, and are far more liberal than the public at large. 
Journalists Reject Conservative Positions: None of the surveys have found that news organizations are populated by independent thinkers who mix liberal and conservative positions. Most journalists offer reflexively liberal answers to practically every question a pollster can imagine.
The Public Recognizes the Bias: Since 1985, the percentage of Americans who perceive a liberal bias has doubled from 22 percent to 45 percent, nearly half the adult population. Even a plurality of Democrats now say the press is liberal.