March 2, 2023 

Firsters Decide Oval Office Occupant


I am pessimistic about the future because too many people vote based on candidates charisma and appearance, biased media reports, celebrity endorsements, liberal college professors influences, peer influences and family tradition without knowing jack about the issues of importance.


In 2008, putting the first black man in the Oval Office was most important to many even though Obama had no qualifications to even suggest he could do the job. So, we sent a boy1 to the Oval Office to do a mans job.


Looking back at 2016, putting Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office looked to be another first. It seemed even Ms. Clinton genuinely believed she would become the country's first woman president in spite of her stinky baggage controversies. Low information voters did not know about or even care enough to research:

................................ Whitewater
Cattle Futures
Vince Foster's Death
.......... Filegate
The Sniper Incident

This 21st century will be recorded in history books read by elementary, high school and college students as the century of firsters. A firster, you know, is a person totally unqualified to be our president but still becomes the first of a kind to occupy the Oval Office office. 


Now comes Joe Biden with Kamala Harris - Joe's pick for firster - in tow.

......................... After listening to Kamala Harris' word salad and her cackling for two years, one would have to conclude Biden selected her to be the first woman U.S. president.

Although not qualified to be our president, she meets and even exceeds the qualifications to be a firster.
What's next?

I can only speculate but, for starters, here are some thoughts, thoughts I talk about in jest - maybe.  

  • Sometime along the way homosexuals will push for the first openly gay president. Just look for the man from GLADD. 

  • In its quest for the first known - key word: known - atheist U.S. president, Atheist Alliance International will vigorously support Richard Dawkins. By the way, Mr. Dawkins is not a U.S. citizen as he was born in Kenya. However, we past that pesky stumbling block in 2008.
  • A convicted murderer might rise to highest office in the land. Don’t laugh. It could have been Aaron Burr. Let us not forget Keith Judd, the Texas prisoner, although not a murderer, who captured 41% of West Virginia's Democrat primary vote against Obama. 
  •  In addition, surely, as I write, there must be a group forming somewhere for morally depraved entertainers waiting for the day their degenerate pals will become 35 years of age.
  • Of course, sports fans will insist their favorite steroid user gets a shot (pun intended) too. However, it will be a long time coming seeing that there were 14 million such heroes at last count.

Hey, do not think screwy things like these cannot and will not happen when low information voters select their favorite leaders of the free world. They can happen. The fact is, judging by our country today, we are much like the title of the Carprnter song: We've Only Just Begun.

1Used herein as Merriam-Webster's definition 1c: boy as an immature male, not offensive as defined at 5a and 5b.