Honest Joe's SOTU address

March 12, 2023 

Joe Biden: As honest as presidents come
(But that doesn't say much)

.......... President Biden’s State of the Union address was full of lies and mistruths. They betray the desperation of a president with 38 percent job approval on the economy, 16 percent of the population better off than before he took office, and most of his own party wanting a different White House nominee in 2024.1
Here are what Mr Alfredo Ortiz, writing for THE HILL, reports are the seven biggest lies spoken by President Biden in his State of the Union address February 7, 2023:

1: “Take-home pay has gone up.”
2. “We have created a record 12 million new jobs.”
3: “[I have presided over] the largest deficit reduction in American history.”
4: “Two years ago, our economy was reeling.”
5: "Oil companies have “invested too little of th[eir] profit to increase domestic production and
      keep gas prices down.”
6: “Now, thanks to all we’ve done, we’re exporting American products.”
7: "The wealthy don’t “pay their fair share.”

In his February 9, 2023 article,1 Mr. Ortiz explains why he believes each of these seven points are lies. 

Mr. Ortiz isn't alone. Let's look at some of old slow Joe's other lies. (Perhaps I should, but will not, be charitable and refer to what our president says as misspeaking whether deliberately or because of a lack of knowledge, or because of dementia.) 

Consider this from the New York Post:2

President Joe Biden keeps telling lies. He just told a New Hampshire crowd of “having had a house burn down with my wife in it — she got out safely, God willing.” In fact, the Associated Press reports, it was a minor kitchen fire, with no damage visible from outside.
Nor can he stop talking about a chat with an Amtrak conductor in his seventh year as vice president, when the guy retired 15 years before Biden became veep and had died by the year of the tale.
Biden claims he was offered a job by an Idaho lumber company; they have no record. He claims he “used to drive” an 18-wheeler — it didn’t happen. He’s said he visited Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue after the 2018 massacre, speaking to the rabbi, when the synagogue says he’s never even been there.

He invents stuff in order to make a seemingly personal connection with his audience, but it’s a phony connection. Biden has been in Washington almost his entire adult life, he’s not a blue-collar worker struggling to get by.

Even when there’s some truth, he exaggerates — as when he chats with Gold Star families about his late son Beau as if he’d died in action, rather than of brain cancer.
It would be bad enough if Biden only told personal tall tales. But his reality distortion field now extends to national policy. He routinely insists “all the economists” back his plans, writes off inflation as a temporary spike, insists the border surge is just “seasonal,” even calls his disastrous Afghan bugout a “success” (while falsely claiming his generals didn’t object).
Yeah boy. Old slow Joe  is a piece of work. Gotta hand it to him though. He somehow got the Oval Office chair without, as far as I can tell, anyone voting for him in 2020.

Someday, someone on his or her death bed with tears streaming down will beg for forgiveness while admitting to voting for old slow Joe.


 1 The seven biggest lies Biden told this week.    Alfredo Ortiz - THE HILL - February 9, 2023