Jan Brewer and SB-1062

 March 6, 2023
Governor Jan Brewer Got it Right
.......... When then-Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed Arizona Senate Bill 1062, a bill intended by the sponsors to give businesses the right to refuse service to  homosexuals,1 she did what she said she would do: what is best for Arizona. Few people knowledgeable of current events can criticize her decision with objectivity. However, many have criticized her decision because of their own biased shortcomings.

Think about it for a moment. I think it is highly unlikely many residing in the once great United States of America want to be on the receiving end of hatred - hatred ranging from subtle abuse to taunting to ostracism.
Many straight white men and women never experience such treatment but most homosexuals and blacks know all about it too well. I have seen it in action many times.

My first experience with racial bigotry occurred in 1956 when the Navy transferred me by bus from Norman, Oklahoma to Memphis, Tennessee with a group of perhaps 50 other sailors. At our lunch stop somewhere in Arkansas, the only black in the group had to eat at another restaurant down the street. The galling part was that black man was a Chief Petty Officer and in charge of us. It was a way of life back then. Today is a different story.

It was not until I reached age 61 and employed at JPMorgan Chase that I observed firsthand the value of diversity in the workplace and elsewhere.

Because I am not a religious person, it would be difficult for me to get on board with the proponents of SB 1062.  I have closed my mind on the religious aspects of the matter. My mind will remain closed.

Still what is right is right and I will go to my urn believing the SB 1062 proponents are wrong.

But there is a better way - a better way we will never see. We will never see it because of the crybabies, insensitive business owners and the meddling our government forces us to endure.

A better way is to let free enterprise solve the matter. When the handful of business owners - my guess is there are not many - see the lost revenue because of their bigoted ways, they then will either get with it or drive older and older cars and live in houses with leaky roofs.

A tip of the hat to Jan Brewer, whatever her personal beliefs. She did what is right for the people of Arizona. 


1Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican, vetoed a bill that would have given business owners the right to refuse service to gay men and lesbians on religious grounds.