MH 370 Revisited

March 16, 2023
The missing aircraft, Malaysia Airlines
Boeing 777-200ER
Attribution: Laurent ERRERA

During the early hours on March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airline's Flight 370 lost contact with the rest of the world.

Now, nine years later, the plane with 239 people on board has not been found. Organized searches ceased in 2018.

CNN personalty Don Lemon posed a question during the early days of investigations asking if the aircraft could have dissappeared in a black hole or could have been taken by an alien spacecraft. Lemon was laughingstock at the time but...

Now that the U.S. Government finally, after years of denials, admits UFOs (sometimes referred to as unidentified aerial phenomena or UAP) exist, perhaps we will learn Mr. Lemon's question has merit.
MH 370 Lost at Sea, Maybe 
Originally written April 23, 2014 and later published in Larry's  book
Something is Rotten in America - Writings of a Sane Man in an Insane World

Now that searchers haven't discovered solid evidence that Malaysia Airline's Flight 370 (MH370) is in the Indian Ocean six weeks after it disappeared, one must give more credibility to Lt. General Thomas McInerney's claim1 that the airplane made it to Pakistan and landed in one piece. If so, perhaps all passengers might be alive and well.

When first hearing the general explain his opinion to Sean Hannity, I felt it was likely the case. Wouldn't a terrorist hijacking of perhaps the most reliable airplane ever built be believable in these days of terrorist fears around the world? Imagine the damage a group could do with a Boeing 777 loaded with fuel in its designed tanks and with additional fuel in newly installed tanks.
Then, as time passed I found myself thinking the jet probably is somewhere in the Indian Ocean as all the experts were telling us. With numerous television guests - all experts in aviation in one form or another - offering their thoughts on the findings of experts searching the waters, why shouldn't I think the general must be mistaken? After all, I reasoned, nobody has talked about MH370 heading north, only south.

Right, and because nobody has talked about a northerly direction, I find myself siding again with General McInerney. There must be parts of the story we have not been told.

We might wonder why the media haven't even brought up the subject of MH370 flying north instead of south. With a little thought, it seems the media should at least discuss the possibility. After all, each media organization prides itself with being the first to report a scoop. The media owe the public answers. So, why do the media not talk about a northern direction and a Pakistan landing? I can offer two likely reasons: 

The media have no information about a northerly direction to report. 

The various governments have silenced the media in the interest of their national security.

Each reason has merit.

If our government, or any government involved, believes nefarious action, such as a plan to convert the Boeing 777 into a weapon, led to the disappearance of MH370, I would want and expect a tight lid on the matter. Secrecy will allow more effective investigations. Further, continuous searching in the Indian Ocean would be a reasonable decoy. 

Think about this: Perhaps the jet landed and was seized without incident with the passengers treated like royalty while various law organizations are working hard rounding up the culprits.

My suggestion can very well be light-years from reality. Admittedly, I strongly believe our U.S. government is itself nefarious, a government we cannot trust. However, I also believe that even a blind hog - think U.S. government - will find mud now and then when doing the right thing.

This might be one of those times.